Gila 100km

Gila: A Malay word, to describe a crazy person or the state of mind of a person that has gone insane


*Discover how Gila you can be over 100km on foot.  Accumulate 100km over 3 weeks OR be Super Gila to finish 100km in 1 go.

*All Gila 100km finishers (accumulated & in 1 go, regardless of finish time) will be awarded with:
(A) A Gila 100km Finisher Tee 
(B) A Gila-sized 100km Finisher Medal
(C) A Gila 100km Special Gift

*In addition, Super Gila Finishers of the predetermined Gila 100km route in 1 go within the elapsed timings stated below will be awarded with the respective Trophies:

(A) Gold Level Trophy: <12 hours (11hr 59min 59sec)

(B) Silver Level Trophy: 12 hours to <16 hours (15hr 59min 59sec)

(C) Bronze Level Trophy: 16 hours to <18 hours (17hr 59min 59sec)

Start: 24 May 2021 12.00am
End: 13 June 2021 11.59pm
Duration: 3 weeks/21 days

*Participants can start their activities from 24 May 2021 12.00am onwards.
*Participants must complete their last activity by 13 Jun 2021 11.59pm.
*Participants have up to 21 days to complete 100km on foot.

(A) In 1 go 
- There is no cutoff time but the cutoff time to be awarded a Trophy is <18 hours elapsed time.

(B) Accumulated (over 21 days, ~4.8km per day)

*Run/Walk/Hike activities
*Must be done outdoor with a map showing/tracking the route of the actual activity

- Indoor activities are not eligible, such as on a treadmill, in sheltered areas such as malls/buildings/car parks/home/office/gym/staircase
- Manual entries of activities & activities without route maps are not eligible.
- Use of any mode of transport/device/bicycle/etc are not permitted.  

(A) Accumulate over 3 weeks category 
- Any outdoor route of your choice.

(B) In 1 go category 
- Participants based in Singapore must follow the predetermined route shown below, in any direction.
- Distance: 100km
- Elevation Gain: 1,233 metres (based on, anti-clockwise direction)

- The route map is plotted with the Start & Finish at MacRitchie Reservoir but you can start at any point along the route.
- You can zoom in & out of the maps below.

View route via Google My Maps
Click HERE to view the route via Google My Maps app.  You can use this app on your mobile phone during the activity to show your current location on the map and the route.

View route via MapMyRun (updated as at 8 Mar 2021 10.50pm)
Click HERE to view the route via MapMyRun app.  You can 'bookmark' the route so it'll load in your MapMyRun app on your phone.

Download GPX file (updated as at 8 Mar 2021 10.50pm)
Click HERE to download the GPX file of the route to upload to your watch/device which can aid you in navigation.

Route Highlights
The route is designed to give participants a nice challenge of covering a number of hills/slopes in the central to southern parts of Singapore with minimal or no repeats/loops, covering the following:
- MacRitchie Reservoir
- Pipeline Trail
- Catchment Path
- Bukit Timah Hill Main Road
- Bukit Timah Summit Stairs
- Jungle Fall Path
- Dairy Farm Loop/Devil Stairs
- Jln Asas
- Hume Ave
- Bukit Batok Nature Park
- Lorong Sesuai
- Toh Tuck
- National University of Singapore
- Prince George's Park
- Kent Ridge Drive
- South Buona Vista Road
- Kent Ridge Park
- Vigilante Drive
- Pepys Road
- Telok Blangah Green
- Henderson Waves
- Mount Faber
- Lengkok Bahru
- Queensway
- Mount Sinai
- Holland Road
- Rifle Range Road
- Sixth Ave
- Orchard Boulevard
- Nassim Road
- Kheam Hock Road
- Lornie Road

NOTE for those doing in 1 go
- Participants can start at any point along the above predetermined route & in any direction, but must follow the route & cannot skip any section.  Participants can make a detour to other locations outside of the route, but must return to the point they departed from the predetermined route & resume from there.

- On the activity day, you may need to make adjustments if you encounter any obstacle/obstruction which doesn't allow you to follow the predetermined route, such as construction/road work/road closure.  In such situations, you can make the necessary diversions to skirt around the obstacle/obstruction before getting back onto the original route to continue.  Please take a photo of the obstacle/obstruction as evidence and inform Ben.

- Please ensure you are able to view the route map on your device BEFORE you start.  Test out the navigation features on your watch/phone/etc.

- Participants based overseas must plot your own 100km route & send it to Ben for review BEFORE you start your activity.  Avoid plotting routes with loop repeats/overlapping sections.  


*Strava ( will be used as the primary means of verification of participants' activities.

- For those who do not have a Strava account, this is a free-to-join app which you can use it to record your activities OR sync with your activity tracking devices such as Garmin, Coros, Suunto, etc.

Click HERE to view the Guide for Beginners to Strava.

Click HERE to access the Strava Help & Support Centre.

Create a Strava account via any of the below methods:
- Desktop:
- Google Play for Android device: Click HERE
- App Store for iPhone: Click HERE

*In the registration form, you'll need to input your Strava Athlete Name & the URL link to your Strava profile (for example, the URL link to Ben Swee's Strava account is:
NOTE: If you are unable to locate the URL link to your Strava profile, please 'follow' Ben Swee (Click HERE) & he will 'follow' you.

*Please allow Ben Swee to 'follow' your Strava account and set your privacy settings to allow 'Followers' or 'Everyone' to view your activities so he can verify your activities.

*In an email sent by Ben containing your e-Bib number tag, it will include a link to a specially created Strava Club for this event which you need to click on to request to join. NOTE: There might be several clubs/groups created for this event & participants will be assigned by Ben to join only 1 of the groups.  Please do not request for changes to your assigned Club/Group.  

*The Leaderboard of the Strava Club/Group will only show the weekly distance you have achieved from your running activities.  So you may wish to set the Activity Type for all your walking & hiking activities to 'Run' for the period of the event. In addition, the Leaderboard will only show the activities which you have set to allow 'Everyone' to view. If you have set your privacy control to 'Private' or allowing only your 'Followers' to view, your activities will not be shown in the Leaderboard.  

*Activities will be randomly verified.  If there are any suspicious/ineligible activities (e.g. unbelievable pace/distance, manual entries, duplicate activities, no route map, indoor/sheltered, treadmill, etc), the distance from those activities will not be eligible.

NOTE: For your convenience, you do not need to manually submit your activities/screenshots of your activities to us for verification as Ben will view your activities in your Strava account.


*Finishers of the predetermined 100km route in Singapore within the elapsed timings stated below will be awarded the respective Trophies:

(A) Gold Level Trophy: <12 hours (11hr 59min 59sec)
(B) Silver Level Trophy: 12 hours to <16 hours (15hr 59min 59sec)
(C) Bronze Level Trophy: 16 hours to <18 hours (17hr 59min 59sec) 

NOTE: The elapsed time is based on a single continuous period from the Start of the activity, until the Finish, including all types of rest/pauses such as eating/drinking/naps/restroom/charging devices/shower/etc).  For example, if you start at 7am on Saturday, the cutoff time is 17hr 59min after the start, which is 12.59am Sunday.

*There is no limit on the number of attempts.  

*Only 1 Trophy will be awarded regardless of the number of attempts.  The Trophy Level to be awarded is based on the fastest timing achieved by the end of the qualification period.

*Due to the fragility of the Trophy, we are unable to ship it to overseas participants.


*Please inform Ben (via WhatsApp/SMS or Email) after you have completed 100km (Accumulated or in 1 go) so he can verify your activities & send the e-certificate to you.


*Shipping of items is free of charge for Singapore addresses.  

*The items are targeted to be shipped out by end of Jun/early Jul 2021, depending on when the items are delivered by the vendors.

NOTE: If the shipping address you provided is wrong, we will not resend any replacement items and there will not be any refund of any amount.  Hence, please ensure you input the correct shipping address, postal code, email address and contact number in the registration form.


*By registering for the event, you fully agree to participate at your own risk & fully indemnify the organiser, Running Guild & Ben Swee, and its partners/sponsors against any claim(s), not limited to medical/monetary, for any health issue(s), injury, and/or death as a result of your participation.

*Please abide by the COVID-19 rules & regulations.

*Exchange of T-Shirt size is subject to availability and shipping costs for the exchange are to be paid by the participant prior to the exchange.

*After payment of the registration fee, you acknowledge and accept that there will not be any refund to you, be it a partial or full amount.  In addition, there will not be any roll over of your entry to another event.  However, you can transfer your registration to another person before the start of the event's qualifying period by notifying the organiser at


* Please ensure you are in good health before taking part.  We recommend you have a personal health/accident insurance policy.  

*Please take all necessary precautions before, during & after the activity, such as: medication, first aid/anti-blister kit, sufficient rest/sleep.  

*Do the activity together with someone if it is possible.  If you're heading out alone, please ensure you inform someone about your route, estimated duration & what time you expect to be back to home.  

*Bring along your mobile phone during the activity as it'll be useful in the event of an emergency.

*Bring a power bank & charging cable(s) if you are going to be out for a long time, to charge your mobile phone/watch/etc.

*Hydrate & Fuel well before, during & after the activity.

*Stay alert & beware of danger along the route, e.g. pedestrians, vehicles, bicycles, motorised devices, potholes, dangerous animals/insects/plants, etc. 

*Please watch out/stay clear of oncoming vehicles, especially when you are on the road/pedestrian crossing/zebra crossing.  Cross only when it's safe to do so. 

*Wear bright/reflective apparel/socks/footwear/items so others are aware of your presence.  You may also wish to bring a headlamp/rear blinker light if you're out at night.

*Be prepared for severe/bad/hot weather/lightning/strong wind.  You may wish to bring a rain jacket/poncho & change of clothes.

*Have a good recovery after the activity, e.g. recovery drink/meal, massage, foam rolling, stretching.


Registration is open till 16 May 2021.

What Is Included:
*A Finisher T-Shirt (quick dry & light fabric)
*A Finisher Medal (large size)
*A Gila 100km Special Gift
*Shipping of items within Singapore
*An E-Bib (sent to your email within 48 hours or so after payment)
*An E-Certificate (An E-Certificate of Gila 100km Achievement will be awarded to participants who complete the predetermined 100km route in one go, regardless of finish time.)  
*A Gila 100 km Finisher Trophy will be awarded to Finishers of the predetermined 100km route in Singapore in one go based on the elapsed timings stated below:

(A) Gold Level Trophy: <12 hours (11hr 59min 59sec)
(B) Silver Level Trophy: 12 hours to <16 hours (15hr 59min 59sec)
(C) Bronze Level Trophy: 16 hours to <18 hours (17hr 59min 59sec) 

Registration Confirmation
- After verifying payment has been received, a confirmation email with an E-Bib number tag will be sent to your email within 48hrs or so.  Please check your junk/spam folder as our email may be directed to those folders.  Please add our email address ( as a safe sender.

Registration Fee (Singapore Dollars)

Shipping within Singapore
- S$35 per person (PayNow/PayLah/Transfer/Deposit payment)
- S$40 per person (Credit Card payment)

Shipping to countries outside of Singapore
- S$28 per person + shipping fee for overseas participants

Please click 1 of the options below to register

Shipping within Singapore + payment via PayNow/PayLah/Transfer
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Shipping within Singapore + payment via Credit Card
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Shipping to Australia
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