*An exclusive M.V.P. Tee will be awarded to all participants who complete ALL of Running Guild's 2021 events (as listed in the above photo).  
*Participants who complete every event, either in 1 go & over multiple sessions, are eligible to earn this exclusive M.V.P. Tee.
*This is a small gesture to thank our M.V.P. for your continued support of our events.

12-26 February 2021 (1st edition)
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5-25 April 2021 (1st edition)
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24 May - 13 Jun 2021 (1st edition)
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12 Jul - 19 Sep 2021
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11 Oct - 14 Nov 2021 (2nd edition)
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13 Dec 2021 - 23 Jan 2022 (2nd edition)
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Running Guild endeavours to empower runners and potential runners with a running culture filled with aspirations and achievements via:
  • Organising running events which will be enjoyed by everyone
  • Facilitating group training sessions
  • Personal coaching
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The Volunteers of ZoooM Run 2019

The Volunteers of the inaugural Nasi Lemak Run 2020